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Herrliche Cakes – The Fort Collins Bakery

Welcome to Herrliche Cakes! You’re probably wondering what the heck our name is all about…

I’ve always had a passion for all things German. The country, the culture, the language, the food, and more! That’s where herrliche comes from; it’s German for superb, wonderful, or delightful. If you’re wondering how to pronounce it, it’s easier said than done, so check out how Google says it. Don’t worry though, pronunciation doesn’t have to be an issue when you contact us via our convenient form to the right, or by visiting our contact page!

We try to tailor our prices to the needs of our customers. If you have a pricing question, just send us a message with what you need and we’ll give you a quote.

Baking Services

Whether you’re in Denver, Fort Collins, Greeley, or anywhere in between, we’ve got you covered. We’re located in Fort Collins, but we aren’t afraid to drive to deliver your baked goods to wherever you may be.

Herrliche Cakes is proud to offer the following baking services for birthdays, weddings, parties, and anything in between:

  • Cakes – From 6″ rounds to multi-tiered masterpieces, we can do it all!
  • Cupcakes – The classic dessert.
  • Fondant decoration – A simple sheet or an edible canvas, let us know!
  • Other baked goods – Brownies, muffins, cookies, etc.
  • And more!

For anything not listed, or if you have any other questions, please contact us, there’s not much we don’t do!

Gluten Free Baking

Not everyone can eat everything, something we’re all too aware of. Gluten free baking had never been on our radar until someone we are close to developed Celiac Disease, then we suddenly found ourselves grasping at straws.

Through lots of experimentation, we have discovered a blend of 100% gluten free flours made from a variety of sources that will produce cakes, cupcakes, brownies, and more, that are so delicious we bet you can’t even tell the difference!

We’re happy to make any of your baked goods gluten free…just ask! We make sure that our preparation environment and tools are thoroughly washed beforehand to avoid any cross contamination.